Monday, November 3, 2008

shame on me..

today I felt quite ashamed by myself..

at the moment seem not able to cope with the financial problem yet..
suppose to have it all okay already..

as my first target before I enter the job arena..
I was promising to myself, I am gonna get a salary not less than 3k after 2 year of working..
and fair enough I did achieve that target..
and yet still having financial problem..

I guest it was something not right lah then..
even though if I were to have 3.5k - 4k monthly income it will still not enough..

something have to be corrected in order to gain stability in term of financial..

thoroughly think bout this.. could had cause me headache ..
but somehow .. when I start to think .. everything else will follow suit..

it starting to fit I hope.. .. hmm...
what major change that I could do to save more ..?

1. use public transport. .. (RM 2 per day to office and back from office)
2. cook & eat at home.
3. cut off extra internet lines.. (got two at the moment.. for backup purpose??)
4. less phone usage..
5. less travelling.
6. less shopping ?? ( do i shop a lot before ? hardly ..)
7. weekend is for me to rest at home .
8. avoid seeing other fellas ..
9. less spend on the unnecessary item (what unnecessary item do i buy.. by the way?)
10. re-sell my car to fix my leaking pocket.. (so that no-more leaking pocket..)
11. spend more time at home and with computer. (less hang-out...)
12. automate saving into ASB account to the maximum..(haven't figure out how to it yet..)
13. Online biz ?... ( a re-cap)..

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