Thursday, June 25, 2009

Indie music now getting some ground

I think now the indie music now gaining more ground..

with the 25th Anniversary concert of tv3.. inviting BUNKFACE to perform..

It is finally a GO..

More choice to choose from instead of just from the whatever streotype
artist coming out from "Reality" show ~ ( admitted some are talented.. but i think
not much space for creativity and bound to ASTRO and whatever contract..)

forgot to mention..

there is another website for
"Malaysia Indie Bands & Music"
recently launched at

If you have idea to compose a new song for this raya .. this would be
the best opportunity to get it highlighted there..

First 200 registrant will get a free T-shirt..

Oh.. back to bunkface..
I was introduced to Bunkface song "Revolusi" by my younger sister.
It was kinda motivational song.. and.. to my surprise.. according to her..
this song being sang in group during her first week of "induction/orientation"..

give it a try here... (warning.. sound is a bit loud.. read through the lyric..~)

p/s : hehehe.. but I don't have band..~ so just can watch and listen only ~.

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